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Weight Loss

You’re reading this because you want to find a healthy way to lose weight and very possibly, you’ve been on a diet that failed.

We’ll let you into a little secret: The diet industry wants you to fail!


Dieting, calorie counting and indeed the whole dietary paradigm of the 70’s 80’s and 90’s does not work in the long term. The obesity epidemic we’re now witnessing is ironically caused by the dietary model of the 20th Century.

Weight may be lost initially but always returns more profusely within a while.

The DIE-t industry at large thinks that calories are what it’s all about. If you eat too little you will lose weight. If you eat too much you will gain weight.“That’s a universal law of physics??? some might say. Energy in = energy out, end of story. If you are fat, then you have consumed too many calories and used too few. The remedy is to simply, “exercise more and/or eat less.???

Yet, our poor type I diabetic who is wasting away can eat 5,000 calories a day and lose weight. This defies the concept of calories in, calories out.

Do you know what is responsible for breaking this supposedly infallible ‘universal law’?

The key is that hormonal factors, not conscious decisions about whether you eat less and exercise more, is of far greater importance when it comes to determining your body fat levels. Your body composition and how the food you eat is later translated into fat, muscles, bone, and energy, is governed entirely by a symphony of hormones of which is intimately involved.

If you’re wondering how to keep your body weight down permanently then the answer is most certainly not to eat less and exercise more. The diet industry has been banging that drum since the 80’s and what have we seen? An unprecedented rise in obesity and more and more people feeling desperately unhappy with their body.

We are not saying that dramatic changes in calorie intake won’t shift some weight, it often does, we are saying this approach is short sighted and won’t help you manage weight long term.

If you’ve tried more than one or two diets yourself, you’ve already seen the evidence first hand.

Diets don’t work. What does work is a specific approach, designed personally for your body, backed up by the science of how your body functions.

At the London Clinic of Nutrition we are experts in getting people to lose weight healthily and we say healthily, we mean getting people healthy first before they lose the weight as health has to come before weight loss.

Weight Loss, Painful Periods and Fatigue

I initially came to Oliver with the main concerns of weight loss and dietary assistance. I have eaten well for years and struggled to understand why I was carrying excess weight, a sense of bloating, lack of energy and high levels of stress. I have also been suffering from Dysmenorrhea for the past 10 years and under the guidance of general medicine gotten nowhere with my symptoms which were severe.

After a thorough chat with Oliver it appeared that my issues laid in a few different places with regards to my health. Not only the physical but the mental as well. With his interest and passion in his work we fine-tuned my treatment to work on all my issues at a slow and steady pace.

Oliver has helped me become more aware of how individual we all are and that everything has an affect on our bodies whether internal or external. This has led me to a happier place with my health and had a knock on effect in all other aspects of my life.

Since beginning my treatments which was a mixture of supplements, herbs and dietary information my body weight has adjusted to a natural constant state, my energy increased and stress levels gone down. My dysmenorrhea condition has greatly improved from out of control to confidently managed.

I can’t thank Oliver enough for helping me see the wood through the trees.



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