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As the leading functional medicine clinic in the UK, we support our clients in optimising their health and tackling illnesses. To do this we offer tests that help us identify the root cause of their health concerns. With that in mind, our testing services are only for patients under consultation with our expert practitioners.

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Men’s Health

From optimising digestion to boosting performance, we help men to reach their health goals

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Men are much less likely to seek help for a health condition than women. Studies suggest that this is because men believe they should just ‘man up’, or because they’re embarrassed to talk about personal issues with another person.

But studies also suggest that this attitude has serious ramifications. Men can expect to die around five years sooner than women. This disparity can’t be explained by physiological differences between men and women—which may mean earlier death is a result of men not pursuing preventative healthcare.

This doesn’t have to be your (or the man in your life’s) reality. Like women, men can use the same nutritional and lifestyle tactics to maximise their health now and for years to come.

Common Men’s Health Problems

Our expert practitioners can help with a range of common men’s health conditions:

Digestive Conditions

More than a third of IBS sufferers are men. That means there are thousands of men in the UK dealing with abdominal pain, bloating, gas and abnormal bowel movements on a daily basis.

It’s a big problem, and it can have a serious impact on your quality of life. We help men to identify the underlying cause of their IBS (it’s different for everyone) and give them a step-by-step strategy to take back control.

Adrenal Dysfunction

Modern life is demanding. We regularly see men suffering from fatigue and burnout due to overworking. Too much exercise can play a role here too.

A common belief is that a fast-paced lifestyle makes the ‘adrenal glands’ tire out, but it’s much more complicated than that. Chronic stress leads to a whole-body communication issue that affects your sleep, strength and stamina.

Targeted nutritional and lifestyle strategies can help you to restore your energy and focus, so that you can feel on top of your game once more.

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Hormone Imbalances

Did you know that more than 2% of men between the ages of 40 and 79 suffer from low testosterone? It can affect younger men too.

As well as the obvious symptoms of low libido and erectile dysfunction, low testosterone can lead to sleep disturbances, cognitive impairment and even a depressed mood.

Your hormones are affected by all aspects of your diet and lifestyle. A personalised plan (along with smart supplementation) can help to bring your body back into balance.

Chronic Lyme Disease

Chronic Lyme disease is a crippling condition. It steals your energy, ravages your mood and plunges your body into pain. The worst part? It’s often misdiagnosed. More than 3,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported in the UK each year, but the real figure is likely to be much higher.

We are the UK’s leading Lyme disease clinic. Our specialist approach identifies chronic Lyme disease and shows you exactly what you need to take to take back control of your life.

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Unexplained Illness

Some men come to us with a specific issue they wish to address, while others just know that something isn’t quite right.

We can help here too. Through taking a symptoms-biology approach, we understand which areas of the body aren’t functioning correctly and take the most direct route to get those working optimally again.

After visiting our clinic and working with our practitioners, many men remark that they’d forgotten what it meant to feel truly well.

Men’s Health Care Services

Even if nothing is wrong, our comprehensive approach can still help. Our expert knowledge of nutritional science can help to maximise your sporting and performance goals too.

Forget merely adjusting your protein intake (it should be 1.6–2.2g per kilogram of body weight to gain muscle, in case you’re wondering). We use state-of-the-art functional testing, bespoke supplementation and even psychological tactics to help you reach your personal best and more.

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Why Choose Us?

There are lots of men’s healthcare clinics out there, but they typically focus on what’s wrong. Here at the London Clinic of Nutrition, our goal is to help you feel right.

Whatever your situation, we use a comprehensive, person-centred approach to identify potential issues and support your health. This could include:

  • Advanced functional testing
  • Personalised dietary advice
  • Targeted supplementation and herbs
  • Psychological and energetic techniques
  • Nutritional IVs

Each plan is tailored to the individual, so you can achieve the results you want.

To discuss how we can assist you, call 0203 332 0030 to speak to one of our advisors.

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