Men's Health

We’ve helped men with a wide range of issues from sports nutrition and digestive conditions to adrenal dysfunction, hormone imbalances, ketogenic diets and unexplained illness.

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Men’s Health

Although by number the majority of people reaching out to us at the London Clinic of Nutrition are women, we do still see a reasonable proportion of men; helping them with digestive conditions, adrenal dysfunction, hormone imbalances, chronic Lyme disease, heavy metal detoxification, sports nutrition, ketogenic diets and unexplained illness.

We regularly see men who are suffering from fatigue and burnout due to overwork and this has a cascade on the immune system which can lead to conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome. We find that a comprehensive approach to men’s health using the functional medicine model which uses a symptom’s biology approach to understand which areas in the body are not functioning properly and then addressing those so that we are functioning at our optimum. We use dietary advice, supplementation, herbal medicine, psychology and energetic techniques alongside nutritional IVs to get the best and effective results for patients.

We are fortunate to have on the team one practitioner who specialises in sport nutrition and performance, and across the breadth of the other 10 practitioners there is very little chronic health complaints that we are unable to support.

This is all backed up by our industry leading customer service, clinical management and administration staff. Please call us today to find out how we can help you with your health concerns.

Recent cases that we have helped have included issues with libido, Lyme disease, thyroid dysfunction, IBS, SIBO, weight loss, skin complaints, amongst many others.

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