Cardiovascular Health

Heart Disease and disease of the circulatory system account for 1 in every 3 deaths in the UK. One adult dies from heart disease every three minutes. Yet, a huge majority of these deaths are preventable if people would just adopt healthier dietary and lifestyle choices.

While some heart attacks seem to strike out of the blue, there are usually warning signs telling us that something is wrong. The most common is angina, a constrictive pain in the chest provoked by exertion. However there are even better long term indicators before any form of physical symptoms exist which alert an experienced functional medicine practitioner that all may not be well with an individual’s cardiovascular health. These can be things like high blood homocysteine levels, insulin resistance, oxidised cholesterol markers along with cholesterol particle size. These blood markers amongst others can be tested using a revolutionary blood panel available through the London Clinic of Nutrition.

High blood pressure is another part of cardiovascular health that in more than 85% of cases can be treated without drugs and cholesterol has less impact than you may think. (see cholesterol article for further info).

At the London Clinic of Nutrition we take a holistic approach to cardiovascular health looking at things like stress, (as adrenaline is released into the bloodstream which increases your heart rate breathing and blood pressure), Magnesium deficiency (magnesium is needed for muscles to relax after they have contracted and research has shown that arteries are considerably narrower in those who are deficient in Magnesium)

We regularly see people who are looking at cardiovascular risk prevention as much as we see those with ongoing need for cardiovascular support. We use a combination of dietary and lifestyle advice along with ground breaking nutraceuticals to improve cellular energy and heart muscle function.

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"Over the past year, I have found my general well-being greatly improved, and the continuity of care and provision to be outstanding."

"This has led me to a happier place with my health and had a knock on effect in all other aspects of my life."

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