We investigate your full life history adopting a functional medicine approach to discover the root cause of your condition. 

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Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune Diseases occur when the immune system mistakes some part of the body as a pathogen and starts to attack itself. We can help you manage and put them into remission.


The thyroid is highly sensitive to the slightest alterations in your health and has an influence on hormonal function throughout the body, including the metabolism and repair of every cell.

Lyme Disease

We’re the UK’s leading Lyme Disease clinic having helped hundreds of clients to create a strong foundation for sustainable, long-term health

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue is a debilitating disorder that leaves you feeling exhausted, no matter how much rest you get. With our expert support you can start to feel yourself again.

Skin Complaints

As a functional medicine clinic, we see many patients who struggle with skin problems, and surprisingly, the one thing almost all of them have in common is gut dysfunction. With any skin condition, this is your body’s way of calling out to you for help.


Our practitioners take a thorough case history (and recommend tests where appropriate) to determine the underlying causes of your PCOS, and tailor the approach to your needs and circumstances.


With the skill of our practitioners and the use of specialised testing, we identify the source of toxic load and enhance the body’s capacity to get rid of it. This involves supporting the liver, kidney’s, gut and lymphatic system.


Infertility is more common than you might expect, affecting up to one in seven couples. The good news is there is a lot you can do to support your fertility naturally. 

Weight management

Eating to nourish your body can help with your goal of reaching your optimal weight, without dieting.

Women's Health

We specialise in women’s health nutrition, having helped thousands of women regain control of their hormones, migraines, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and various skin conditions.

Men's Health

We’ve helped men with a wide range of issues from sports nutrition and digestive conditions to adrenal dysfunction, hormone imbalances, and unexplained illness.

Cardiovascular Health

To keep your heart healthy we take a multi-faceted approach that includes better dietary choices and adopting a healthier lifestyle to both prevent and improve cardiovascular issues.

IBS Treatment

The gut is the foundation for all health. Containing over 70% of the immune system and a direct connection to the brain, its balance is crucial for the health of body and mind. We aim to get to the root cause if your IBS symptoms, addressing them via a jointly agreed nutritional and lifestyle protocol. 

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is primarily an inflammatory disease of the smaller joints, such as wrists, ankles, fingers and knees. We use an evidence based approach in getting to the root cause.

Gut Health

The human gut is host to a highly complex ecosystem of microorganisms. While a good diet is a foundation of building a healthy microbiome, other factors are fundamental too, including advanced testing and lifestyle support.


We create detailed plans, correcting imbalances throughout the entire body to cause a reduction in symptoms, improving your daily energy, and naturally improve your overall health.

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

With our support we can help improve your gut health, your immune system and your body’s detoxification processes, so you can feel yourself again. 

long covid

Long Covid is another form of post viral fatigue that we are well versed in dealing with at the clinic. Our functional medicine approach evaluates and addresses all interconnected body systems to help you heal.

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