Lyme Disease
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Lyme Disease

Having had a very healthy and active life, in 2010 my health and well-being started to deteriorate inexplicably. I had an excellent GP who persevered referring me to every specialist possible, as my symptoms and problems evolved. I collapsed and spent two days in hospital, and would frequently catch a common cold and within days have pneumonia, but nobody could find anything wrong with me. After six years I was really struggling both physically and mentally, and felt my whole life was falling apart. With all logical avenues exhausted, my GP started thinking that I was perhaps suffering from Lyme Disease, but the NHS tests all proved negative. I was not at all keen on any extensive long term antibiotic treatment with so many downsides, so my GP referred me to Oliver Barnett at the London Clinic of Nutrition.

Following numerous questionnaires and telephone conversations with Oliver, he sat me down and plotted out every event and health issue or treatment throughout my life. Very quickly he was convinced I had Lyme Disease, so arranged a complex set of blood and other tests. These came back and confirmed I had chronic Lyme Disease and a host of other co infections, exactly as Oliver had suspected. So little seems to be known about this illness, but I was impressed by Oliver’s depth of knowledge, understanding and experience around Lyme Disease and dietary health. Oliver started to make sense of all my ongoing health problems, and I finally felt I could get a complete diagnosis.

Oliver quickly worked out a specific diet for me, and a host of nutritional supplements to start alleviating some of my problems, and working on the Lyme Disease in my body. I immediately found a positive effect, and was even able to eat foods that I had previously had to avoid, but now with no negative effect. I am now sixth months into my treatment with Oliver, and the results keep getting better. I really feel like I have turned a corner and have a new lease of life.

I have found Oliver and his team very easy to work with, very responsive and very professional. Following six long years of illness, after meeting Oliver I quickly felt that he could help me get better, and the results to date have been fantastic.




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