Terms and Conditions

The information below sets out our terms and conditions of business should you decide to become a patient of the clinic.

The information below sets out our terms and conditions of business should you decide to become a patient of the clinic:

1. Our staff deserve to be treated with respect and are here to help you. We therefore have a zero tolerance approach to aggressive behaviour (verbally, physically or via email) and will choose to discontinue working with you immediately. Depending on the circumstances, a refund may not be provided.
2. It is essential that intake forms are submitted 3 working days before the consultation and must be completed fully.
3. Follow up consultations or testing can be charged to the same card. We do not store any of your card payment details, however, our secure payment system allows us to process another transaction on the last card used.
4. If you have an online follow up appointment, the card on file will be charged the following Monday.
5. Please arrive on time for your appointment as we will not be able to extend it if you are late.
6. As a collaborative practice consults can be live audio streamed via a secure connection to the rest of the clinician team so that colleagues can provide assistance on cases where appropriate. No recording takes place whatsoever.
7. Consultations via zoom cannot be recorded.
8. We operate a strict 3 working day cancellation policy. If you fail to notify us within this time period the full fee will be charged, based on your allocated appointment length, or the appointment will be deducted from your package.
9. Email correspondence should not be used as a substitute for follow up appointments. If you need clarification about your report then this is fine, however, more lengthy emails will be charged in line with our hourly rates.
10. The nature of functional medicine is that we are looking to find the underlying causes of people's health issues. The complexity and length of time a client has been suffering will greatly affect how long it takes them to get well. There is no magic bullet, but with our expert advice and the client's diligence and openness to change, we often do get remarkable results. Most clients find improvements in their health as each month goes by, but complex cases can take anywhere between 6-9 months to resolve.
11. We only use the very highest quality supplements & herbal medicine with minimal excipients (additives). On occasion, clients have had reactions to products. This is out of our control; however, clients are advised to contact us immediately if this occurs so that we can work out which product, if any, is causing this.
12. It is important for patients to understand that we will need regular contact over a period of time to get results. We normally allow 45 minutes for the first follow up at 5-6 weeks after the initial consultation. We would then expect a 30 minute appointment every 5-7 weeks.
13. If clients do not have a follow up appointment for over 12 months, they will be required to book in for an initial appointment.
14. Clients must inform the clinic if at any point during their programme, they are having an operation or any type of surgery.
15. Tests cannot be refunded after 6 months from purchase date. Medichecks tests cannot be refunded after 3 months.
16. IV packages cannot be refunded or part refunded 12 months from purchase date.
17. Please note that there is no step free access at the clinic. If this is a requirement, please get in touch as soon as possible so we can discuss your circumstances.

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