Ionic Foot Bath

We have invested is the safest, most effective and noninvasive detoxification modality on the market to help improve our client and patient outcomes.

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What is the Ionic foot bath?

The Ionic foot bath helps the body relax and gently detox in a way it has never been able to before, even if normal pathways of elimination are compromised. An internally clean body may help other therapies and modalities work better. Detoxification and relaxation with this foot bath is a choice to strongly consider as part of your protocol – whether you are addressing a specific condition or creating a platform for health.


Why is Detox so Important?

Toxicants and toxicity interfere with every system of the body. Detoxification with the Ionic foot bath paves a clearer path to success by helping the body’s normal systems and processes function without these impediments. When you incorporate the Ionic foot bath into a health plan, almost every other therapy or intervention may have a greater impact on your health.


How it Works

The Ionic foot bath’s patented technology results in only bio-compatible electrical frequencies entering the water. This elicits a relaxation response. Concurrently, these frequencies create an ionic field that cleanses and purifies the body through the power of ions. The process ionises the water as H2O and splits into OH- and H+ ions. These ions attract and neutralise oppositely charged toxins.

Typical session times are approximately 40 minutes and after a session the user feels calm, relaxed, and focused. There are no harmful side effects, and the process is painless, non-invasive, and completely safe.


What are the costs?

Single foot bath : £65

Package of five : £250

Package of ten : £399


You can either enjoy your foot bath on its own or combine it with one of our detoxifying nutrient infusions for the full experience. You can read more about the different infusions here.



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