Toxicity Testing

We offer a range of tests to help us determine whether you’re suffering from a dangerous build-up of toxins such as heavy metals and mycotoxins.

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Toxicity Testing

Is your body fighting toxic overload? At the clinic we offer a range of tests to help us determine whether you’re suffering from a dangerous build-up of toxins, so we can identify the source and recommend the right detoxification programme for you.

Heavy metal toxicity – High levels of lead, mercury and other heavy metals can build up in our bodies through everything from our work environment to dental implants. You can choose from two types of tests to find out whether the levels in your body are safe.

Mycotoxins – Mycotoxins are toxic substances produced by mould, which enter our bodies through the food we eat and the air. Mould toxicity can cause a number of symptoms, from chronic fatigue and respiratory issues to gastrointestinal issues and paralysis.


Provoked Urine Toxic Metal Test

By taking a urine sample before and after administering the provoking agent DMSA we can determine the amount of heavy metals that have accumulated in your body. We test for:

  • aluminium
  • arsenic
  • beryllium
  • chromium
  • copper
  • manganese
  • molybdenum
  • selenium
  • tin
  • antimony
  • barium
  • cadmium
  • cobalt
  • lead
  • mercury
  • nickel
  • thallium
  • zinc

Cost: Depends if provoked or not. Please enquire.

Sample requirement: urine sample

Turnaround time: 3 weeks


Mercury Tri-Test™

This test analyses hair, blood and urine samples to identify the type of mercury in your body, the amount you have stored up and your body’s ability to eliminate it. We test for:

  • inorganic mercury
  • methyl mercury

Cost: Please enquire.

Sample requirement: blood (phlebotomy required), hair and urine

Turn around time: 2-3 weeks


MycoTOX profile

One of the most comprehensive and competitively priced tests on the market, a urine sample that screens for seven different types of mycotoxins from 40 species of mould. We test for:

  • aflatoxin m1 (AFM1)
  • sterigmatocystin (STG)
  • verrucarin a
  • zearalenone (ZEA)
  • ochratoxin a (OTA)
  • roridin e
  • enniatin b1

Cost: Please enquire.

Sample requirement: Urine sample

Turn around time: 3-4 weeks



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