Gut Complaint Testing

The health of the gut is determined by a delicate balance of gut bacteria (gut flora) that creates the micro biome.

As this balance becomes disrupted (dysbiosis), 'bad' bacteria starts to proliferate. they ferment on the foods we eat creating toxic substances; damaging the gut lining; and making the environment conducive to parasitic growth.

The good news is that with appropriate testing we can understand exactly what types of bacteria have overgrown, where it has overgrown and how much damage it has caused. This knowledge enables us to select the most appropriate herbs, supplements and diet to treat the dysbiosis, bringing the gut back to a state of health.

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Stool Testing (GI-MAP)

The GI-map stool test accurately measures levels of gut bacteria (good & bad), yeast (e.g. candida), parasites; H-Pyloria, and markers for inflammation, immune function and digestive capacity.

In our experience it is one of the most thorough stool tests with actionable biomarkers (which you usually have to pay extra for); and it only requires 1 stool sample (others require 3). It also uses PCR – DNA testing, which is believed to be more sensitive than testing that involves cultivation in a petri dish, as not all bugs present will grow in a petri dish and can therefore be missed.

Cost: £385 (includes 15 minute consultation for interpretation)

Sample requirement: 1 stool sample

Turn around time: 7-10 days


Small Intestinal Bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) testing

This is a condition in the bacteria normally present in the large intestine start to proliferate in the small intestine. As they feed off carbohydrates from food, they create fermentation gases such as methane and hydrogen – causing a large array of health problems.

The SIBO test works by measuring these gases through a breath test.

Cost: £215 (includes 15 minute consultation for interpretation)

Sample requirement: breath samples collected over a 3 hour period

Turn around time: 10 - 14 days




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