Blood Chemistry Test London

Private blood tests cover a wide range of markers for a wide range of health conditions, for a much more comprehensive analysis of your overall health and wellbeing.

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Blood Chemistry Test London

The UK's private blood test market is booming, with over 80% of blood tests done in private clinics. More and more people in London use private blood tests to determine their health and wellness. This is because of their convenience and accuracy.

The cost of these tests is much lower than what you would expect and can give you more accurate results. These lab tests can provide information about your body and its functions.

A private blood test is provided by a private laboratory or healthcare provider. The NHS provides a blood test in an NHS hospital.

What does a chemistry blood test show?

A chemistry blood test measures levels of various chemicals in the blood, including indicators of kidney function, electrolyte balance, and liver function. If your blood tests show an abnormally high chemical level, it can indicate disease or side effects of treatment.

Here is a list of some diseases that chemistry blood tests can find out:

  • Liver disorders
  • Anaemia
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney diseases
  • Thyroid disease
  • Hypertension
  • Heart diseases
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Urinary tract infection

Blood test in London

Examples of blood chemistry tests available include:

  • Thyroid Blood Analysis
  • Health Screening Blood Test
  • Fertility Blood Test
  • Antibody & Antigen Blood Testing
  • Full Blood Count Test
  • Cholesterol Test
  • Liver Function Test

How much does a private blood test in London cost?

The cost for a private blood test at our clinic in Central London could start from around £100, depending on the lab and service provider. It also depends on the complexity of the test that you need to be done.


How to get a private blood test in London?

We recommend you book in for a nutrition consultation with one of our expert practitioners who will be able to advice on the most suitable blood test for you.

Book An Appointment

Schedule a complimentary discovery call with one of our client coordinators to discuss your health concerns and get matched with a practitioner.

Meet With A Nutritionist

You will then have your initial consultation with your expert nutritionist who will carry out a full health history and recommend the most valuable test for you.

Receive Your Results

Your blood test results will be shard with you at your follow up appointment and your personalised protocol will be updated based on these results.

How long does it take to get the results of a blood chemistry test in London?

Every laboratory has a different time frame for results. Some laboratories process it within 1 week and some take longer. Due to the comprehensive analysis carried out with our functional blood test laboraties, we recommend allowing between 3-4 weeks for the return of your results.



Why Choose London Clinic of Nutrition for your Blood chemistry tests?

London Clinic of Nutrition is a professional and reputable clinic, with an experienced and qualified team to help you with any queries you may have about our tests.

If you would like help ordering your blood test please use our chat service or get in touch.

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