Health and Nutrition Testing

The root cause of any health complaint is specific to the individual and based on multiple factors such as genetics, diet, lifestyle, toxicity exposure and psychological and physical stress. Functional testing enables us to understand all these factors, so we can treat the problem efficiently and effectively.

We’ve carefully selected the most advanced testing from specialist labs across the world, enabling us to provide exceptional treatment based on scientific fact. They pick up disturbances in physiological functioning that conventional tests miss – because they’re either not sensitive enough or not looking for it.

Prevention is better than cure

Not only is functional testing effective in the treatment of health complaints, but it can also be used to prevent disease. Virtually every complex chronic disease is preceded by long-term disturbances in functionality, which if detected early can be resolved before more serious symptoms occur.

How does functional testing work?

A test will typically involve a breath, blood, saliva, urine or stool sample. The majority of these can be conducted at home. However, when a blood draw is required you can book in to see one of the nurses at our clinic or we can help you find somewhere locally if you live outside London.

We also offer a small range of testing to the public without needing a full consultation (listed below). Each test comes with a free 15-minute phone consultation with a qualified practitioner to explain the results.


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