A visit to our clinic is more than an appointment – it’s a complete wellness experience. We offer a full range of services onsite, so we can attend to all your health needs in one trip.
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Speak to a Nutritionist Online

We know that finding time to attend appointments can be tricky with a busy lifestyle, but when working with a nutritionist online, distance need not be a problem.

Nutrition Consultation

Our aim is to get to the root cause of your symptoms. We’ll identify any imbalances and deficiencies in your diet and jointly agree on a personalised nutritional protocol.

IV Nutrient Therapy

We offer a range of conventional and bespoke immune-boosting infusions to revitalise our clients’ health and help them reverse chronic disease.

Health and Nutrition Testing

We offer a full range of health and nutrition testing including functional testing, which allows us to understand the root cause of your health complaint.

Functional Medicine Practitioners

Our team of experts specialise in functional and integrated medicine. We’ll work together using a wide-ranging approach to health and wellness.

Food Intolerances Testing

We offer comprehensive food intolerance testing and can advise you in relation to any sensitivities and allergy to foods, helping reduce the risk of chronic health problems.

Ionic Foot Bath

We have invested is the safest, most effective and noninvasive detoxification modality on the market to help improve our client and patient outcomes.

Corporate Wellness 

We offer bespoke wellness advice to companies looking to enable a happier and healthier workforce, through workshops, webinars and consultations.

Practitioner CPD Courses

As pioneers in the latest nutritional science, we are developing an online CPD platform for Nutrition and Functional Medicine Practitioners to further their education, launching soon.

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