Recommended Reading

A list of books carefully selected by Clinic Director, Oliver Barnett to help you on your health and wellness journey.

Reading List

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An Epidemic of Absence

This groundbreaking book explores the promising but controversial “worm therapy”—deliberate infection with parasitic worms—in development to treat autoimmune disease. It explains why farmers’ children so rarely get hay fever, why allergy is less prevalent in former Eastern Bloc countries, and how one cancer-causing bacterium may be good for us.

Author: Moises Velasquez-Manof

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Healing with Whole Foods

This is a hefty, truly comprehensive guide to the theory and healing power of Chinese medicine. It's also a primer on nutrition - including facts about green foods, such as spirulina and blue-green algae, and the regeneration diets used by cancer patients and arthritics--along with an inspiring cookbook with more than 300 mostly vegetarian, nutrient-packed recipes.

Author: Paul Pitchford

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Lifespan. Why We Age - and Why We Don't Have To

In Lifespan, Dr David Sinclair, one of the world’s foremost authorities on genetics and ageing, argues just that. He has dedicated his life’s work to chasing more than a longer lifespan - he wants to enable people to live longer, healthier, and disease-free well into our hundreds. In this audiobook, he reveals a bold new theory of ageing, one that pinpoints a root cause of ageing that lies in an ancient genetic survival circuit.

Author: Matthew D. LaPlante

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Missing Microbes

Renowned microbiologist Dr. Martin J. Blaser invites us into the wilds of the human microbiome, where for hundreds of thousands of years bacterial and human cells have existed in a peaceful symbiosis that is responsible for the equilibrium and health of our bodies.

Author: Martin J. Blaser, MD

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The Life Plan

Discover what you really want in life and how to get it! Do you want to live with purpose and achieve your life goals? In The Life Plan, leading life coach Shannah Kennedy sets out a step-by-step strategy to help you identify your true self and values, declutter and simplify your life, improve your time management and create structures that will help guide you towards your goals and visions. This hands-on workbook includes questionnaires, charts and exercises and will become a valuable record of your life goals.

Author: Shannah Kennedy

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The Secrets to Great Health

Author: Dr. John Matsen, ND