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There’s more to the glyphosate controversy

When the debates about glyphosate flair up they tend to focus on cancer and the large amount of conflicting data on whether or not glyphosate, most commonly known as RoundUp, causes cancer.



What typically isn’t mentioned is all the different ways a person can be exposed to glyphosate, how it interacts with other compounds we’re exposed to and other potential health complications. It’s hard to find that information as it’s often buried under all the controversy. When you learn more about the effects of glyphosate it almost makes all of that seem like a purposeful distraction.

As mentioned in our first blog about glyphosate, it’s the most commonly used herbicide in the world. Its usage and potential health and environmental complications have been hotly debated for years. Following the invention of glyphosate was the genetic modification of crops to withstand the herbicide. This allowed farmers to spray their crops and surrounding areas and kill only the weeds.

These crops are known as RoundUp ready crops and include soy, corn, canola, sugar beets, cotton and alfalfa. All crops commonly consumed, used in textiles or fed to livestock, that in turn is consumed. That’s where the complications begin to arise. Not only is the herbicide introduced to foods we eat and the environment, it’s then incorporated into the clothes we wear, tampons that women use and in the animals we eat.

The Pineal Gland

In 2015, a study published in Agricultural Sciences, titled Aluminum and Glyphosate Can Synergistically Induce Pineal Gland Pathology, found a slew of alarming health issues that glyphosate can cause other than cancer.

The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland within the brain that produces melatonin. Melatonin maintains circadian rhythm and helps with regulation of reproductive hormones. Issues with the pineal gland are associated with abnormal sleep patterns that are in turn associated with neurological diseases such as anxiety, depression, dementia and even Parkinson’s disease. The pineal gland is incredibly sensitive to environmental toxics, inclusive of glyphosate.

This study highlighted glyphosate’s ability to chelate aluminum meaning put it in a form that is more harmful to the body. This creates a series of reactions with the body affecting many reactions, functions and systems. The cytochrome P450 system is particularly affected. This system is responsible for breaking down medications and other compounds. It’s also involved in metabolism.

Long story short, glyphosate and aluminum are a toxic combination for the pineal gland and the body as a whole.

Gut Biome

Glyphosate has also been found to have negative effects on the gut biome. The gut biome is the healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract that provide health benefits to our entire body. A disruption in the gut biome makes room for pathogenic (bad) microbes to live and can create open space for toxins to penetrate the intestinal surface and get absorbed into the body. That paired with glyphosate’s uncanny ability to chelate metals such as aluminum can lead to serious issues.

A healthy gut biome is composed of beneficial bacteria that are fed by a healthy diet in order to thrive. This in turn creates a healthy balance of neurotransmitters, hormones, enzymes and proper nutrient absorption. These healthy bacteria take up all the space on the intestine and that way when a pathogenic bacteria, virus or toxic chemical, enter the GI tract there’s nowhere for them to physically make a home and they pass on through the faeces. When that healthy biome isn’t well established, gets interrupted or impaired, or worse is completely destroyed, their protective qualities and health benefits decline or disappear.

The harmful impace of glyphosate can create an environment where bacterial infections such as C. Difficile colitis can and do occur. This concern is rarely brought up in the discussions pertaining to the safety of glyphosate.

Actionable Steps to Reducing Glyphosate in Your Life

In addition to detoxing your body from glyphosate, it’s also important to know how much you’re being exposed to and limit exposure as much as possible. The simplest measures to reduce glyphosate exposure are to avoid GMO food, choose organic foods whenever possible, choose organic cotton products and consume organic meat. Additionally, make sure to filter your water. If you live in an area near farm land, it may behove you to get a household water filtration system or a shower/bath filter if a household filtration system is not an option.

To detox your body from glyphosate there are some homeopathic options available, as well as natural treatment routes. In addition, probiotic supplementation is advised. Infrared sauna treatments, chelation, charcoal and individual specified supplementation, hormone and enzyme replacements are all additional therapies a healthcare professional can tailor to meet your needs. Keep in mind a variety of factors will affect the your treatment route such as amount and duration of exposure, additional health conditions, medications, age, gender, genetics and the list goes on. It’s best to speak to a health professional to find the right options for you.

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