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Should you eat a vegan diet?

Plant-based eating has exploded in popularity in recent years—but is it for everyone?


Should you eat a plant-based diet?

There are moral and even political considerations of a vegan diet, which are too complex to go into here. From a purely nutritional standpoint, it’s fair to say that a plant-based diet might not be right for everyone, all the time.

However, our relationship with food is multi-faceted, and everyone’s diet is personal to them. Instead of focusing on labels, every individual should pay attention to which foods make them feel healthy and well—and which don’t. For some, that will include animal products, and for others it won’t.

Even if you don’t eat an entirely plant-based diet, you can still benefit from eating more plants. Load your plate with colourful fruits and vegetables, try different nuts and seeds, and include pulses if you tolerate them. You could even enjoy vegan dessert.

A healthy diet begins with fresh, whole, unprocessed foods—whether you identify with being plant-based or not.

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