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The Benefits of Far Infrared Light Therapy – What on earth is it?



You may have heard about Far Infrared Saunas as being the latest health fad, A -list celebrities and elite athletes are all using it. So what is all the fuss about?

What is Far Infrared?

First of all Far Infrared is an invisible frequency of light, present in daylight that safely warms the body. This ‘heating effect’ occurs as the cells of your body absorb the light, heat is released deeply within the body.

Far Infrared warms the body without heating the air, which means you can comfortably warm your body at low temperatures (42°C) without having to experience uncomfortably high air temperatures (100°C ) as in a conventional saunas.

Your own body produces Far Infrared, this is one reason the body absorbs it so easily and responds so well.

Far Infrared is Light Therapy

The general perception of Far Infrared is that it is heat….not so, Far Infrared is light. I emphasise this because the impact of light on the cells of the body goes way above and beyond the benefits of warming the body with heat.

Why Far Infrared Is Good For You?

When you send light into the cells of your body it helps clean up the cells and also repair them and restore cell function.

This means where there is a toxic load, sending light into the cells helps assist flushing unwanted toxins out of the cells helping restore function of the body systems!

The Benefits

Far Infrared Light Therapy For Detoxification – Why Do You Need To Detoxify?

The body normally detoxifies itself anyway, right?

Well not necessarily. What we are seeing is that toxins have disrupted the body function to such an extent that the body is not able to eliminate and detoxify properly.

Hence the body needs some help clearing the backlog of toxins. When you start detoxifying we observe that the body starts repairing and healing itself.

Far Infrared Light Therapy For Improved Circulation

One of the key problems when the body is not producing energy properly is that the heart does not pump so efficiently. The result is that the body prioritises where the blood should be transported.

The result is that the blood supply to certain systems may be reduced, for example; the skin (you may not sweat), the muscles (muscle pain and burning may result), the gut (poor digestion and gut permeability), and the liver and kidneys (compromising your capacity to detoxify).

The Far Infrared helps improve circulation as well as repairing the heart and blood vessels. Good circulation is an essential aspect of promoting the body’s natural healing and repairing processes.

You need good blood supply to ensure the delivery of oxygen and nutrients for healthy body function, and repair, as well as for good elimination.

Far Infrared Light Therapy For Fatigue – Tired All The Time

One of the great benefits of Far Infrared light Therapy is that it has an ‘Energising Effect, similar to that of being in the sunshine; as reported by many fatigue sufferers.

Many fatigue sufferers are testing positive for mitochondrial dysfunction which means that the cells of the body are not producing energy efficiently; hence low energy levels.

This combination of cell damage and toxicity are significant contributory factors responsible for poor energy levels. The Far Infrared has been used reliably well since 2004 to help address these problems.

Far Infrared For Pain

One of the key challenges with pain is accessing the injured tissues. Often the damaged areas can reside very deeply in the body; Increasing blood supply in these areas can be challenging.

This is where Far Infrared light therapy comes into its own, as it provides cellular access to the deepest recesses of the body. Which is why even with very old injuries (e.g 10 – 15 year’s old) can respond well to treatment.

This is because we have been able to stimulate increased blood supply in the area of damage. The result is that the body begins to repair and heal as it would normally do.

Far Infrared For Leaky Gut

We have discovered over the years that so many people suffer from poor circulation, and that the gut is one of the first casualties.

This can manifest itself as poor digestion, and of course leaky gut otherwise known as gut permeability.

One of the first things that the Far Infrared is so helpful for, is to improve the blood supply throughout the body.

This of course includes improving the blood supply to the gut & intestinal lining that may be currently leaking.

Improved blood supply can help deliver essential nutrients and generally promote repair and healing of the intestinal lining.

These are an introduction to a few of the benefits of Far Infrared Light Therapy; there are many more.


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