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Immune Boosting IV drip therapy

Explore the benefits linked to a blend of IV fluids, vitamins, and antioxidants, designed to cleanse your body and supercharge your immune system to fight off illness.


Immune boosting IV drip therapy

Most people only think of their immune system when they have a cold or the flu. You may be surprised to learn that it’s working hard in the background all the time.

  • Every time you eat, your immune system is on full alert to respond, just in case you’ve accidentally ingested something nasty.
  • Every time you travel on a bus or train, your immune system steps up to make sure you’re protected from the thousands of viruses you come into contact with.
  • Every time you suffer a tiny cut or scrape, your immune system is there to fend off any threats and ensure you heal as quickly as possible.

In other words, it never gets a day off.

Think of your immune system as workmen, and the nutrients you eat as tools. These workmen rely on a regular supply of new tools in order to do their job properly.

When they’ve got a big job on—say, fighting off the cold virus or trying to quench the inflammation that leads to chronic disease—they need more tools.

This is where IV nutrient therapy can be really helpful.

IV drip therapy to boost immunity

As you can read about here, IV nutrient therapy is when nutrients are administered directly into the bloodstream. Unlike normal supplements, IV nutrient therapy bypasses the long and laborious process of digestion, which means that much higher levels of nutrients are available to be used.

Dr Alan Gaby, a world-leading expert on IV nutrient therapy, states that it can help to correct nutrient deficiencies within cells. At high enough doses, these nutrients can exert pharmacological effects. In other words, they can act as powerfully as drugs—without the side effects.

Immune boosting ingredients

Here at the London Clinic of Nutrition, we’ve created a formulation that’s specifically designed to support the immune system. Alongside a full 10g of vitamin C, this formulation includes:


This mineral is a vital nutrient for immunity—a fact that was showcased by the Keshan disease epidemic in China. This virus-driven disease took hold in regions that had low levels of selenium in the soil. It claimed thousands of lives before it was discovered that giving people selenium supplements could prevent the disease from developing [2]. Correct levels of selenium can enhance your immunity against viruses and can even help to reduce allergies.


It’s estimated that almost a third of the world’s population could be deficient in zinc [3]. This is bad news for the immune system, as this essential mineral plays a key role in anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant pathways. Studies show that taking zinc can even reduce the duration of the common cold [4].

Vitamin B6

Studies in animals show that a lack of vitamin B6 can impair the body’s ability to make the antibodies needed to fight infections [5]. The B vitamins work best together, which is why our nutrient blend provides vitamin B6 along with vitamins B2, B3, B5 and B12.


Your brain, heart and muscles contain high levels of taurine. This amino acid (the smallest unit of protein) helps to maintain cell stability—which is especially useful when they’re under threat—and it also plays a role in regulating inflammation [6].


This is the master antioxidant. It’s so vital that your body makes it, but it also relies on getting some from either food or supplements. Like a car producing exhaust fumes, the immune system produces reactive oxidative species (ROS) as a by-product of its functioning. Glutathione steps in to quench these ROS before they can wreak havoc on cells. Because clever glutathione knows whether to stimulate or stop the immune response, it can even help autoimmune conditions [7].

Who benefits from IV nutrient therapy for immunity?

IV nutrient therapy is suitable for most people. Clinically, we’ve observed that this immune-boosting formula is especially helpful if:

  • You’re feeling ‘run down
  • You want to take a proactive approach to stay well

What’s more, the process itself is restorative—giving you 60-90 minutes of relaxation while an experienced nurse administers the nutrients.

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You will be shown to our IV lounge where you can relax on one of our comfortable recliners with complimentary refreshments and a selection of books and magazines to enjoy whilst our experienced practitioner administers a natural mix of nutrients. Want to learn more? Contact us on 020 3332 0030 or get in touch here.

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