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Beyond Functional Medicine

How we exceed and improve to go beyond a functional medicine model.

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Conventional medicine is an acute care model trying to treat chronic health problems. One cannot use an acute care model for chronic health issues. In effect it is a system of pharmaceutical drug pushing to supposedly treat symptoms. One of the many problems with this method is that by suppressing symptoms, we push conditions deeper in the body and even though experiencing sometimes some relief we set ourselves up for more serious chronic and dangerous health consequences in the future. Pharmaceutical drugs mainly only work in 2 ways; either by blocking a receptor or by ‘poisoning’ an enzyme. Some commonly used drugs that cause longer term health consequences are antibiotics, steroids, acid blocking medication, immune-suppressant drugs, anti-psychotics and anti- depressants.

In the UK, the health minister has confirmed that 6.5% of hospital admissions are a result of an adverse reaction. Total admissions in 2006 were 16 million, which means that 1,040,000 patients were there as a result of the drugs they were prescribed. The NHS is spending nearly £2bn a year treating patients who have had an adverse reaction to drugs prescribed for them by doctors.

Then we have surgery, which in many cases is lifesaving, however when used for chronic health issues such as cardio-vascular problems this does nothing to deal with the underlying reason(s) why the patient has these problems in the first place. The evidence is clear, operations such as angioplasty offer zero reduction in future cardiovascular risk for the patient. Many of the causes will be lifestyle and this is where functional medicine and the methods used at our clinic should be the mainstay of modern medicine. We also go beyond functional medicine where appropriate. Our current healthcare system is not there yet but there is a real evolution in medicine being driven by functional medicine and even more so by a patient awakening that is demanding change to more integrated healthcare.

What do functional medicine practitioners do differently?

Functional medicine practitioners use a systems based approach to health and therefore look at how the various systems of the body interact with each other. This can be seen very clearly on our functional medicine page by clicking here.

An example of this is when someone has a complex condition such as Lyme disease where all the systems of the body have been affected. Our approach would be something like the following:

  • Improve immune function
  • Dramatically enhance detoxification
  • Remove environmental toxins such as heavy metals and mold toxins
  • Improve gut function
  • Improve the patient’s relationship with family, friends and themselves
  • Correct nutrient deficiencies
  • Improve endocrine abnormalities

It is our experience that to have a vital life, prevent disease, or optimise the chance for disease remission you would need:

  • Healthy relationships – including a strong network of family, friends, loved ones and colleagues.
  • A healthy meaningful way to spend your days whether you work outside the home or in it.
  • A healthy fully expressed creative life that allows your soul to sing its song.
  • A healthy sexual life that allows you the freedom to express your erotic self and explore fantasies.
  • A healthy financial life free of undue financial stress, which ensures that the essential needs of your body are met.
  • A healthy environment, free of toxins, natural-disaster hazards, radiation, and other unhealthy factors that threaten the health of the body.
  • A healthy mental and emotional life, characterised by optimism, happiness, freedom from fear, anxiety, depression and other mental-health ailments.
  • A healthy lifestyle that supports the physical health of the body, such as good nutrition, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and avoidance of unhealthy addictions.

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