Membership Terms & Conditions

The information below sets out our terms and conditions of business should you decide to become a patient of the clinic:

  1. It is essential that all intake forms are returned by email, an absolute minim um of 3 working days before the consultation. If the questionnaire is not completed as fully as possible, it is likely that you will not gain the most out of your consultation and further time may need to be booked in for us to provide you with comprehensive recommendations.
  2. We take payment in advance for the initial consultation by credit/or debit card. Follow up consultations, testing and products will also be charged to this card unless you inform us otherwise. Follow ups are charged after the appointment and testing or products will not be organised without you r permission. Please note that we do not store any of your card payment details. However, our secure payment system allows us to process another transaction on the last card used.
  3. If you have a Skype follow up appointment, we will automatically charge your card within 48 hours of the appointment unless we hear from you otherwise.
  4. As most appointments are arranged back to back throughout the day, please ensure that you arrive 15 minutes early, ready for your allocated appointment time. If you are late then we will use the remaining time of your appointment to examine your case.
  5. Please be advised that we operate a 72 hour cancellation policy (excluding weekends) and if you fail to notify us within this time period a full fee will be charged, based on your allocated appointment length.
  6. Email correspondence should not be used as a substitute for face-to-face, Skype or telephone contact. If you need clarification about a particular programme then this is fine, however, more lengthy email correspondence will be charged in line with our hourly rates.
  7. The nature of functional and integrated medicine is that we are looking to find the underlying causes of people’s health issues. Depending on the complexity and length of time a patient has been suffering, this will greatly affect how long it takes them to get well. Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet, but with our expert advice and the client’s diligence and openness to change, we often do get quick and remarkable results. Most clients find incremental percentage improvements in their health as each month goes by, but bear in mind that complex cases take anywhere between 3-9 months to resolve; and those with Lyme disease can take even longer.
  8. Clients are advised that we only use the very highest quality supplements & herbal medicine with minimal excipients (additives). On occasion, for varying reasons, clients have had reactions to products. This is out of our control; however, clients are advised to contact us immediately if this occurs so that we can work out which product, if any, is causing this.
  9. Follow ups are charged according to time at the hourly rate of £250 – £300 (depending on practitioner). We normally allow 45 minutes for the first follow up at £185 – £225, 4-5 weeks after the initial consultation.We would then expect a 30 minute appointment every 5-7 weeks at £125 – £150.
  10. In cases of complex health conditions, it is important for patients to understand that we will need regular contact with you over a period of time get results.Treatment can last 6 – 12 months although signs of improvement can be expected earlier on in the protocol.
  11. It is the client’s responsibility to inform The London Clinic of Nutrition if, at any point during their treatment programme, they are having an operation or any type of surgery.