Vanessa Briggs

Craniosacral Therapist

Vanessa has been practicing craniosacral therapy since qualifying in 2009 and is a member of the Craniosacral Therapy Association.

Vanessa began her studies in healing 30 years ago when she had a massage that changed her life. She loved it so much that she decided to train and it soon became her career. Often in her practice she would intuitively allow her hands to be still. Within the stillness she could feel changes taking place on a much deeper level.

It is from here and after some craniosacral therapy sessions she soon knew she had a calling to train further in craniosacral. Whilst qualifying she came to deeply appreciate the potential of working with the stillness which came so naturally to her, to contact this intelligent wisdom within our bodies that knows exactly what it needs to do to re-balance and restore health.

She is passionate about craniosacral therapy because it’s such a gentle and effective way to work with babies, children and people of all ages. A safe, relaxed space is created allowing the client to be truly “heard”, facilitating the treatment to naturally unfold as the underlying vitality of the system is supported. 

Non-invasive and relaxing, clients are invited to lay fully clothed on a table whilst light touch is used to listen to the body’s natural rhythms and assist self-repair. It can work deeply in helping to relieve trauma or stress in the body which may be emotional and/or physical in origin. Besides providing relief and support for a wide variety of reasons, it can simply be enjoyed for de-stressing and deep relaxation.

Whilst the basis of her work is craniosacral therapy, Vanessa is often inspired to incorporate other healing skills or share thoughts that are relevant to the session.

Vanessa Briggs