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Tom is a qualified Nutritional Therapist, with an MA Natural Sciences, from Cambridge University, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Nutrition Therapy and Naturopathy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London.

Reading physics at Cambridge University provided him with the scientific investigative skills that he now applies to his functional medicine, nutrigenomics and nutritional therapy practice.

Tom’s passion for science was rekindled when he became ill with parasites and chronic fatigue syndrome after travelling in South East Asia. Tom is passionate about keeping a wide area of interest in health and disease since he sees all the systems of the body as intricately connected and appreciates that any one symptom may have many different causes that need to be understood and investigated. He also regularly engages in both self-directed and commissioned research work which feeds into his clinical practice.

Tom specialises in gut complaints, cognitive function, psychological health and neurodegenerative conditions, cardiometabolic health, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, toxicity and fertility.

Tom uses his experience as a Tai Chi practitioner, Thai Yoga Masseur and training in Psychosynthesis and Motivational Interviewing to support his understanding of our inherent potential to change behaviour and habits in service of the greater health, joy and abundant energy that he is convinced is possible for most individuals.

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  • MA (Cantab) Natural Sciences, specialising in physics and theoretical physics – Emmanuel College, Cambridge University
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Nutrition Therapy – College of Naturopathic Medicine (London)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Naturopathy – College of Naturopathic Medicine (London)
  • ITEC diploma in Anatomy, Physiology & Massage Therapy – City & Islington College

Continuous Professional Development

  • Chronic Fatigue-  CAM conference
  • Digestive Disorders- CAM conference
  • Endocrine & Toxicology Masterclass – BioCare seminar – Dr. Sarah Myhill
  • Female Health – CAM conference
  • Manopause- BioCare seminar – Roderick Lane
  • Energise – BioCare seminar – Alessandro Ferretti
  • Cardiovascular Health- CAM conference
  • Anti-Ageing- CAM conference
  • Detoxification – CAM conference
  • Tired All The Time? – BioCare seminar – Roderick Lane
  • Optimising Health and Lifespan Through Nutrition and Detoxification – Nutri Advanced seminar – Jo and Lara Pizzorno
  • Effective Thyroid & Adrenal Support –  ION seminar  – Jane Nodder
  • Auto-immunity- CAM conference
  • Clinical Application Of Functional Medicine – The Institute For Functional Medicine
  • Functional Nutrition Head To Toe: Comprehensive and Innovative Approaches to Nutritional Assessment – The Institute For Functional Medicine training
  • Focus on Lyme Diseas –  CAM conference
  • Gut-Brain Axis- CAM conference
  • Parkinson’s Disease – Nutritional Support Within Integrative Care – ION seminar – Lucille Leader
  • Juggling The Endocrine – BioCare seminar – Roderick Lane
  • DNALifeTM Certification, Nordic Laboratories with DNAlysis Biotechnology training – Umahro Cadogan
  • The Gut Imperative – BioCare seminar – Alessandro Ferretti
  • Multiple Sclerosis: Nutritional management and medical collaborations – ION seminar – Lucille Leader
  • Brain Health – CAM conference – Professor Dale Bredesden
  • Nutrigenomics, Personalised Medicine and the Quantified Self – CAM conference
  • Discover Methylation Module 2 – Regenerus Laboratories seminar – Robyn Puglia
  • Methylation & Clinical Nutrigenomics (part 1) – Ben Lynch
  • Energy Beyond ATP – CAM conference
  • Methylation & Oxidative Stress, Hepatic Detoxification & Genomics – Invivo Clinical seminar – Cheryl Burdette
  • Toxic Metals – Implications For Clinical Practice – ION seminar – Dr.Jenny Goodman, Rachel Nicoll and Dr. Shideh Pouria
  • Dysglycemia- Lamberts seminar- Lorraine Nicolle
  • Diagnosis & Treatment Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – BioCare seminar – Dr. Sarah Myhill
  • Recent Advances In Nutritional Therapy for Mental Health –  Viridian seminar – Ben Brown and Robyn Puglia
  • Meeting The Microbiome – CAM conference
  • Applying Functional Medicine In Clinical Practice- The Institute Of Functional Medicine trainingT
  • SNPs Learning Series online training with Sterling Hill,  MTHFR Support – Carolyn Ledowsky & Cynthia Smith
  • Cell Defence-  BioCare – Alessandro Ferretti
  • Managing Side Effects Of Cancer Treatments – Nalini Chilkov
  • InVivo Clinical seminar, Autoimmune Conditions – Lamberts seminar – Lorraine Nicolle
  • Neurotransmitter Balance – Nutri-Link seminar – Antony Haynes
  • Detox – The Key To Healthy Ageing – CAM conference – Jean Monro & Joseph Pizzorno
  • The practical utilisation of nutrigenomics for patient care, A focus on Mental Health – Cytoplan seminar – Anne Pemberton
  • Why nutrition is the key to Alzheimer’s – Cytoplan –  Professor Dale Bredesden & Dr.Rangan Chaterjee
  • Feeding the brain: nutrition for bullet-proof neuroimmunity, – CAM conference – Miguel Toribio-Mateas, Dr. Francisco Molina-Holgado &Professor Dale Bredesden
  • Nervous Breakdown – BioCare seminar – Alessandro Ferretti
  • Female Hormones – Lamberts seminar – Lorraine Nicolle
  • Energy Adaptation-  BioCare seminar – Alessandro Ferretti & Chris Newbold
  • Energy Crisis – BioCare seminar – Alessandro Ferretti & Chris Newbold
  • Nutritional Support for Sleep – Lamberts seminar – Lorraine Nicolle
  • Nutritional for Vascular Health – Lamberts seminar – Lorraine Nicolle
  • Mitochondrial Support for Better Health and Vitality – Lamberts seminar – Lorraine Nicolle
  • Motivational Interviewing – ION seminar – Natascha Van Zyl
  • Improving Gut Health Naturally –  Lamberts seminar – Lorraine Nicolle
  • Autoimmunity and Nutrition – ION training – Ben Brown & Robyn Puglia
  • Restoring Gastrointestinal Health: Advances in the Assessment and Treatment of Gut Dysfunction – The Integrative Health Summit seminar – Laura Stirling, Ben Brown & Robyn Puglia
  • Nutritional Psychiatry – The Integrative Health Summit conference
  • Using Fats Functionally – Lorraine Nicolle MSc – Lamberts – October 2019
  • Making the Most of Our Genetic Inheritance – Lorraine Nicolle MSc – Lamberts – February 2020
  • Demystifying SIBO – InVivo Clinical – Jason Hawrelak – May 2020
  • Environmental Toxins Summit – Great Plains Laboratory – Kurt Woeller, William Shaw, Shanhong Lu, Joseph Pizzorno, Mark Filidei, Salomon Prieto, James Neuenschwander, Robert Miller, Paul Anderson  – July 2020
  • Building Immunity and Resilience – ihcan conferences – Alex Manos, Benjamin Brown, Dr. Samuel Yanuck, Dale Bredesden MD, Professor – September 2020
  • Mitochondrial Health –  BANT South West – Gilian Crowther, Ray Griffiths, MSc, Dr. Sarah Myhill – October 2020
  • Female Health, Hormones, Metabolism: From New Science to Clinical Practice – BANT – Dr. Cara Wright, Justine Bold, Dr. Felice Gersh, Dr. Carrie Jones – November 2020
  • Ihcan Conferences Virtual Event – Katie Sheen, Dr. Alessio Fasano MD, Tom O’Bryan, Hannah Braye, Dietrich Klinghardt, Daniel Baden, Benjamin Brown – November 2020

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