Suzie Wylie


Suzie is a Nutritional Therapist, who holds a MSc Nutrition Science and Practice and is registered with the British Association of Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) and the Complementary Natural Health Care Council (CNHC).

With previous experience as a personal trainer and a professional Muay Thai fighter, Suzie also has training and certification in sports nutrition, holistic lifestyle coaching, eating psychology and mind body nutrition.

Having been on her own personal healing journey after struggling with IBS and experiencing an eating disorder in her teens, Suzie believes in supporting a person as a whole, addressing the root cause of symptoms and disease through nutrition and lifestyle. Using this together with her passion for coaching around mindset and behaviour change, Suzie places an importance on identifying emotional blocks and limitations that can also often get in the way of progress.

Suzie now helps clients with a myriad of health conditions, supporting those with IBS, IBD, gut health, chronic fatigue (CFS), multiple sensitivities, infections, autoimmune, mental health and stress related symptoms. Suzie also has a specialist interest in helping client’s reach their sporting goals and supporting client’s with their relationship with food.

Suzie’s mission is to guide and empower others in understanding and navigating their own personal health and wellness journeys, tapping into their own innate wisdom, to create the health, life, and vitality that they know deep they’re capable of creating.

Suzie Wylie


  • MSc Nutrition Science & Practice
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Nutrition Science & Practice
  • BSc (Hons) Catering & Food Management
  • Centre for Integrative Sports Nutrition Certification
  • Level 3 certificate in Personal Training
  • Psychology of Eating Coaching Certification
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Continuous Professional Development

Specialises In

Chronic Fatigue

Autoimmune Disease

Gut Complaints

Women's Health

Mental Health


General Nutrition