We Do Not Offer Testing Only Services

As the leading functional medicine clinic in the UK, we support our clients in optimising their health and tackling illnesses. To do this we offer tests that help us identify the root cause of their health concerns. With that in mind, our testing services are only for patients under consultation with our expert practitioners.

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Seema has a background in Beauty and Massage therapy which she perused for 14 years. Alongside this, she taught kids from Provisional institutes.

With a passion for the Nutrition industry, Seema previously studied Nutrtional Therapy at Kings College but due to ill health had to stop. Since then she has used functional medicine and nutrition to improve her health. She has now gone back to studying Naturopathic Nutrtional Therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and is in her final year.

In her spare time, Seema likes long walks with her dog and to explore/ travel to new places.



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