Oliver has been a leader in the wellness industry for over 18 years, during which time he has helped over 15,000 people improve their health.

He has treated many patients with complex illness, including Chronic Fatigue and Lyme disease, and practitioners in the US, such as Neil Nathan, regularly refer non US patients to him.

After establishing a successful solo practice, he founded the London Clinic of Nutrition, which is a multi-disciplined health clinic that was awarded the outstanding practice of the year by IHCAN in just three years.

Oliver’s approach is eclectic, drawing upon multiple disciplines including Nutrition, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Functional medicine, Jungian psychotherapy, and Mind-body medicine.

After a profound spiritual awakening six years ago, Oliver started to incorporate spiritual, soul work, and energetic medicine to help patients heal in mind, body, and spirit. In partnership with patients, he helps them discover (or rediscover) their purpose and to reclaim their connection to nature, as well as reawaken their own innate healing mechanisms.

Oliver continues to explore further avenues of helping patients to wellness including spiritual practices, embodiment methods, and other heart-opening practices. He is currently establishing a ‘men’s work’ programme to help men discover and commit to living their purpose with deep emotional and spiritual awareness. As a keen cook specialising in Middle Eastern and Indian flavours, he will be bringing out a London Clinic of Nutrition recipe book next year with easy and flavourful dishes.

Oliver Barnett London Clinic of Nutrition


  • Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner
  • Diploma Naturopathy
  • Diploma Nutritional Therapy
  • Dr. Dale Bredesen Certified Practitioner (reversing cognitive decline & advanced clinical training)
  • Dr. Alison Siebecker Certified Sibo Practitioner
  • Diploma Iridology

Continuous Professional Development

  • The Toxic Mould Summit – 2019
  • The international Society for Environmental Illness Inaugural Conference – 2019
  • The Forum for Integrative Medicine (treating the untreatable)
  • Cogence Immunology (1 year course)
  • BSEM Conference on Heavy Metals –  2018
  • Jason Hawrelack GI Health Masterclass –  2018
  • ANP Naturopathic Summit
  • A Functional Medicine Approach to Auto Immune Conditions (part 1)
  • A Functional Approach to Auto Immune Conditions (part 2)
  • Naturopathic Detoxification Day
  • Gluten Sensitivity and Coeliac Disease
  • Nutritional Endocrinology
  • Nutri-Functional Medicine Conference (2 days)
  • Institute for Functional Medicine Nutrition Head to Toe (3 days)
  • How to Reverse Autoimmune Disease with Functional Medicine
  • Juggling the Endocrine cycle
  • The Gut Brain Axis
  • Nutritional approaches to Autoimmune Disease (part 1)
  • Nutritional approaches to Autoimmune Disease (part 2)
  • Nutritional approaches to Autoimmune Disease (part 3)
  • Healing so Called Incurable Illnesses
  • Thyroid Health and Iodine Therapy
  • Clinical Trinity I
  • Clinical Trinity II
  • Nutrigenomics
  • Lyme Disease Summit
  • Lifting the Veil – Lyme disease (part 1)
  • Lifting the veil – Lyme disease (part 3)
  • Nutrigenomics – 2016
  • Institute for Functional Medicine Immune module
  • Institute for Functional Medicine Energy Module
  • Institute for Functional Medicine Cardiometabollic module
  • Insititute for Functional Medicine Detox module
  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice
  • Functional Medicine Head to Toe
  • The Omics Revolution
  • Solgar Gastrointestinal Health Workshop
  • Detox – The Key to Health Ageing – CAM Conference
  • Feeding the Gut – Health through Microbiome Modulation – CAM Conference
  • Hidden Health Trends in Clinical Settings Using Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Nutrigenomics In Practice: Methylation
  • CAM Summit – 2016
  • Individual Diet DNA – Unlocking the Power of Nutrigenomcis – March 2016
  • Feeding the Brain – Nutrition for Bullet-proof Neuroimmunity – September 2016
  • Nutrition Resolution – Breaking the Cycle of Stress and Chronic Inflammation – November 2016
  • Lyme, Viruses and Co-infections a Critical Understanding – October 2016
  • Women’s Health Summit
  • The Tick factor Lyme Conference – September 2016
  • Richie Shoemaker 2nd international Conference on CIRS
  • Truth about Cancer
  • The Truth about Vaccines
  • Inflammation and Antioxidants – CAM conference
  • Treating the Untreatable – unravelling complex chronic illness (Mould/Lyme conference)
  • Gut Health Conference – CAM
  • Bredesden Training in Reversing Cognitive Decline (3 day course)
  • Bredesden Training (one day course)
  • Forum for Integrative Medicine
  • IHCAN Summit – 2018
  • SIBO Symposium – 2018
  • ISEAI Conference – 2020
  • Forum for Integrative Medicine – 2020 and 2021

Specialises In

Lyme Disease



Chronic Fatigue

Autoimmune Disease