Juliet Hayward


Juliet Hayward is an experienced nutritional therapist, registered with the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners. 

Juliet started her work as a nutritional adviser at ‘The Nutri Centre’ where she set up the nutritional helpline for practitioners and customers. 

Since then, Juliet regularly lectures at leading hospitals, laboratories, universities and events and is passionate about educating both the public and professionals on nutritional interventions.

With over 19 years experience, Juliet continues her nutritional therapy practice and specialises in complex chronic health conditions including Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue, ME, MS and Cancer support.


  • Natural Nutrition – College of Natural Nutrition

Continuous Professional Development

  • Multi-System Disease – Improving Patient’s Lives with Proper Diagnosis and Appropriate Treatment Interventions – AONM – May 2019
  • Bio Medica Lecture – May 2019
  • The Human Biome Conference – Invivo – June 2019
  • Methylation – Genova – June 2019
  • Mast Cells, Mould and the Myriad of Diverse Factors Underlying Chronic Ill Health – AONM – Annual Conference – November 2019
  • Future of ME –Dr Klinghardt – February 2020
  • What Doctors Don’t Tell You – February 2020
  • Dr Klinghardt – Coronavirus update – March 2020
  • Dr Armin Schwarzbach – Covid-19 – May 2020
  • Dr Leona Gilbert and Dr Armin Schwarzbach – Covid 19 – May 2020

Specialises In

Lyme Disease


Chronic Fatigue