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We are an award-winning nutrition and functional medicine clinic, supporting clients with a range of health conditions back to optimal health.

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Nutrition Consultation

We aim to get to the root cause of your symptoms using personalised nutrition.

IV Nutrient Therapy

We offer a full range of infusions to revitalise health and help reverse chronic disease.

Functional Medicine

We are one of Europe's largest functional and integrated medicine clinics.

Our highly qualified team of practitioners specialise in using an integrative approach to assessing, identifying and resolving the root cause of your health concern.

We offer a full range of services in-clinic, or online, so rest assured you're in safe hands. 

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Health conditions we support

We have helped people with many health conditions such as stress and fatigue, auto-immune disorders, digestive health, fertility, thyroid health, PCOS, weight loss and hormone imbalances.

Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune Diseases occur when the immune system mistakes some part of the body as a pathogen and starts to attack itself. We can help you manage and put them into remission


The thyroid is highly sensitive to the slightest alterations in your health and has an influence on hormonal function throughout the body, including the metabolism and repair of every cell.


Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue is debilitating disorder that leaves you feeling exhausted all the time, no matter how much rest you get. The good news is there’s plenty we can do to help.


Lyme Disease

Looking for Lyme Disease treatment in London?  We’re the UK’s leading Lyme Disease treatment clinic having helped hundreds of clients to manage and cure themselves of this exhausting and much-misunderstood condition.


Skin Complaints

Most people apply potions and lotions to their skin when they have skin problems, but this is only helping the issue on a very superficial level. We’ll dig deeper to resolve it for good.


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Our Polycystic Ovary Syndrome treatment advice is market-leading and tailored to each individual’s circumstances, helping you to control your symptoms and improve your fertility.


Pia Barna
Pia Barna
8. April, 2023.
About 16 months ago I had an intense psoriasis outbreak that was covering my entire body. My main priority at the time was finding someone who could help me understand the root cause of my condition instead of just addressing the symptoms. After some online research, I came across the London Clinic of Nutrition and felt hopeful about the holistic approach they were offering on their website. I decided to book a consultation package (a mixture of in-person appointments, zoom calls and telephone check-ins) and was assigned to a consultant called Melody. The first session was spent doing a holistic assessment of my condition but also about my diet, my lifestyle and my psychological wellbeing. I was told that treating such conditions can take a long time and that we would have to try different things to find a suitable treatment for my body. I recently finished my treatment after 16 months and my condition has improved so much in ways that I didn't think would have been possible. There were three things that I loved about LCON's approach: one was that the consultations last much longer than a regular GP appointment and it allowed me to share experiences, raise concerns and for the consultant to gauge my condition better over time. It truly feels like a gift when you aren't rushed and you are made feel like you can take your time. Secondly, by speaking to the same consultant each time, there was a continuity that I had been missing when I was seeing my GP or a dermatologist. I felt relieved knowing that there were regular touchpoints with my consultant. Between consultations I also had the option to email when there were any changes, updates or difficulties with a treatment I was trying and that was very comforting. There were periods where I needed extra support and changes to my treatment schedules and Melody was extremely kind and accommodating when responding to my needs. Lastly, I enjoyed the long-term approach and that it allowed me to try out different things, from diet changes over supplements and tests. The recommendations I received from my consultant were very broad and although I wasn't able to try them all at once, I now have a really rich list of approaches that I can decide to explore as and when it feels appropriate and possible to do so. I never felt pressured to do any of the treatments and tests and always felt it was my choice to try the treatments that felt useful to me and that were within my financial possibilities. I was glad that I didn't have to do this work and research all by myself but instead had the support from the London Clinic of Nutrition. In my experience, it was absolutely worth it for me to invest money in my health and wellbeing. To those who might feel similarly scared and vulnerable about their health condition and are able to make this investment, I would highly recommend booking a consultation at LCON.
Rasha Hamid
Rasha Hamid
30. March, 2023.
I’ve had such a brilliant experience accessing support from LCON. My practitioner, Lelani, has been exceptional every step of the way. She is full of compassion and empathy and is extremely knowledgeable. I am very grateful to her and the rest of the team!
10. March, 2023.
I cannot recommend this clinic enough. I used to suffer with severe stomach cramps and pains, and thought (wrongly) that I might have an intolerance. After thorough testing, Jacqui discovered that it was actually my gut health. She has been absolutely brilliant in my journey, she has incredible and extensive knowledge and quickly identified how to tackle my issue. I can happily say I can now eat everything and do not experience pains and severe bloating anymore. I cannot thank and recommend Jacqui enough for saving my gut!!!
Joanna L.
Joanna L.
12. February, 2023.
I started working with Daisy in January 2022 after months of working with doctors for IBS, HPV / CIN-1, and eczema who all have me solutions to 'plaster' over the symptoms, rather than treat the underlying cause. I had a feeling all three issues were connected somehow, and after consultation and subsequent testing with Daisy, I learnt that my suspicious was correct - I had Gut Dysbiosis. Daisy provided detailed recommendations for nutrition and lifestyle changes, as well as supplements, and over the last year my symptoms have gone away. Through this process I have learnt a huge amount from Daisy about the gut-brain axis that has literally been life changing. Daisy was brilliant to work with, extremely knowledgeable, demonstrates empathy and compassion, and really helpful in answering my billions of questions and recommending specific brands which is extremely helpful in a world of so many options. I highly recommend working with Daisy!
Ben Miranda
Ben Miranda
10. February, 2023.
The London Clinic of nutrition hosts a variety of well rounded practitioners who have provided many of my patients with optimal nutritional advice to prepare themselves for surgery. I would highly recommend them to help with a variety of chronic health issues.
Jonas Preston
Jonas Preston
1. December, 2022.
Nishtha's expert knowledge and advice on diet has been invaluable for me. I strongly recommend this clinic.
Fabi D.
Fabi D.
21. November, 2022.
I went to see Oliver (by recommendation) after trying to manage my health problems with conventional medicine for over a year without much success. I have never been advised so comprehensively. Physical, psychological and environmental factors all enter into Oliver’s diagnostic process. A personal treatment plan is created, which is being adjusted according to symptoms as you go along. I‘m much improved after a very short time frame (3 months). I was expecting a much longer time frame. The offered therapy methods go far beyond high-quality supplements (e.g. IV treatment, physio, therapy). Without Oliver’s meticulous investigations, I would have not gotten to bottom of my illness triggers that quick. He found so many issues conventional doctors hadn’t, and managed to get me better. Beyond that, I feel extremely well taken care of in this clinic. All the staff are extremely friendly and helpful, Oliver and the clinic are very easy to get in touch with. This clinic makes a great effort to heal people and give them back their quality of life. Thank you!
Remark Able
Remark Able
13. November, 2022.
I consulted Paul Foley for some heavy metal poisoning issues that the NHS did not have the skills to treat. Paul is extremely knowledgeable and at the cutting edge of Naturopathic Medicine. I found he was able to help me where the NHS could not and after a few months got me feeling way, way better. If you need a top 2% Naturopathic Physician then I can honestly recommend Paul Foley as one of the very best. -- TT from Farnham, Surrey

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