London Clinic of Nutrition gets a lot of client testimonials. We do not publish all our testimonials on our site for ethical reasons, however, if you are looking for more testimonials or case studies of how we assisted some of our clients please do not hesitate to contact us.

Skin Testimonial

IBS Testimonial

Irritable bowel healed

Fatigue Testimonial

Diabetes/hypothyroid Testimonial

Gut / Allergies Testimonial

Adrenal fatigue & insulin resistance

Weight loss and painful periods (dysmenorrhea)

Hypothyroid and hair loss

Hashimotos Thyroid healed

Food sensitivities and gut dysfunction

Corporate wellness testimonial WKD London

Corporate Wellness testimonial Bircham Dyson bell

Rheumatoid arthritis healed case study

Arthritis testimonial

Immune System 

Lyme 1 

Lyme 2 

Lyme 3 

Urticaria and Hashimoto’s solved 

Severe headaches, palpitations, gut disorder anxiety 

Severe IBS


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My session with Oliver Barnett was very interesting and informative and he told me how to build on my existing healthy diet, broadening what I ate and how I prepared it, and prescribed a course of herbs and a detox.

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