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personal nutrition advice


Personal nutrition advice takes into account that although the genes we inherit from our parents are important determinants of health and illness, many chronic  illnesses  that have been shown to have a genetic basis are mostly triggered by diet and lifestyle choices.  Nowhere is this more evident than in today’s major health problems of Cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity and arthritis.  Study after study has now shown that the correct diet, lifestyle and nutritional medicine can prevent these from occurring.

Conventional medicine does not allow much time with clients nor is it equipped to deal with chronic disease: the average ‘consultation’ with a GP is 5 minutes.  This provides no ability to understand the reasons why the patient has arrived at their state of ill health.  Using the functional medicine model we are able to take the time to listen to patient’s health history and provide personal nutrition advice.  On top of this we also make comprehensive lifestyle recommendations and use state of the art functional testing via blood, urine or stool where applicable.

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My session with Oliver Barnett was very interesting and informative and he told me how to build on my existing healthy diet, broadening what I ate and how I prepared it, and prescribed a course of herbs and a detox.

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