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The London Clinic of Nutrition was set up by Oliver Barnett a highly experienced  Nutritional Therapist and integrated medical practitioner in London and Hertfordshire.

Passionate Nutritional Therapist in London and Hertfordshire

consultationOliver has always been a keen cook (ex Masterchef finalist) and developed an early interest in food and nutrition. This led to five years of study in Naturopathy and Nutrition, which has been supplemented with post graduate courses and study in Metabolic Typing, iridology and herbal medicine. Regular seminars are attended to keep abreast of the latest evidence in conventional and natural medicine.
One of Oliver’s key interests is educating clients to dispel modern medical myths and to understand the impact of the current western diet on health. Oliver’s key interests are digestive disorders, auto-immune diseases, unexplained illness, Lyme disease,  women’s nutrition & hormones and food sensitivities.

Oliver is considered one of the UK’s leading health experts and regularly features in printed and online media.  Further, Oliver lectures at the top Nutrition colleges in London and corporate institutions.

Therefore Oliver has devoted his life to helping patients improve their health and as can be seen below a rigorous program of on-going learning and professional development continues each year so that he remains at the top of his game and his patients get the very best of care.

2014-18 post graduate seminar attendance includes:

A functional medicine approach to auto immune conditions part 1
A functional approach to auto immune conditions part 2
Naturopathic detoxification day
Gluten sensitivity and coeliac disease
Nutritional endocrinology
Nutri Functional medicine conference (2 days)
Institute for functional medicine Nutrition head to toe (3 days)
How to reverse autoimmune disease with functional medicine.
Juggling the Endocrine cycle
The gut brain Axis
Nutritional approaches to Autoimmune disease part I
Nutritional approaches to autoimmune disease part II
Nutritional approaches to autoimmune disease part III
Healing so called incurable illnesses
Thyroid health and Iodine Therapy
Clinical Trinity I
Clinical trinity II
Lyme Disease Summit
Lifting the Veil Part II – Lyme disease
Lifting the veil part III – Lyme disease
Nutrigenomics 2016
Institute for functional Medicine Immune module
Institute for functional medicine Energy Module
Institute for functional medicine Cardiometabollic module
Insititute for functional medicine Detox module
Applying functional medicine in clinical Practice
Functional medicine head to toe
The omics revolution
Solgar Gastrointestinal health workshop
Detox – the key to health ageing – CAM conference
Feeding the gut – health through microbiome modulation – CAM conference
Hidden Health Trends in Clinical Settings using blood chemistry analysis
Nutrigenomics In Practice: Methylation
CAM Summit 2016
Individual Diet DNA – unlocking the power of Nutrigenomcis March 2016
September 2016 – Feeding the brain – Nutrition for bullet-proof neuroimmunity
November 2016 Nutrition resolution – breaking the cycle of stress and chronic inflammation
Lyme, viruses and co-infections a critical understanding October 2016
Womens health summit
The Tick factor Lyme conference September 2016
Richie Shoemaker 2nd international conference on CIRS
Truth about Cancer
The Truth about vaccines
Inflammation and Antioxidants CAM conference
Treating the Untreatable – unravelling complex chronic illness (Mould/Lyme conference)
CAM Gut health conference
Bredesden training in reversing cognitive decline – 3 day course
Bredesden training one day course
Forum for integrative medicine
IHCAN Summit 2018
SIBO Symposium 2018


If you would like more information and are looking for an experienced nutritional therapist in London and Hertfordshire please call or email  Oliver on 020 3332 0030

Conditions that we can treat include...


My session with Oliver Barnett was very interesting and informative and he told me how to build on my existing healthy diet, broadening what I ate and how I prepared it, and prescribed a course of herbs and a detox.

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