Juliet Hayward

Juliet Hayward –Nutritional Therapist BA hons, MA, DNN, mFNTP

Juliet specializes in Lyme disease, ME, MS and Cancer. She has been treating Lyme for many years and is one of the most experienced practitioners in the UK today.  She is also involved in research with Lyme disease and is currently involved in a Biobran trial for publication in 2018.

She has been working as a Nutritional Therapist since 2000 and originally set up the nutritional helpline at the Nutri Centre for practitioners and the public.

She does consultancy work for The Really Healthy Company and gives regular lectures. She is committed to working with chronic illness, helping the individual to unravel underlying infections, addressing nutritional deficits and bolstering immunity. She firmly believes that there is so much an individual can do to improve their health. They just need to know how to do it and have a structure to work within.

Recent CPD

July 2017 – A New Paradigm in Cancer Support: Maintrac Cancer Cell testing

June 2017 – 5th Biobran Workshop

May 2017 – Chronic Lyme Disease Uncovered

April 2017 – Klinghardt – Core Biological Protocols

November 2016 – Lyme Disease Diagnosis and Co-infection testing

October 2016 – Interactive Workshop with Armin Labs

June 2016 – CAM summit

Conditions that we can treat include...


My session with Oliver Barnett was very interesting and informative and he told me how to build on my existing healthy diet, broadening what I ate and how I prepared it, and prescribed a course of herbs and a detox.

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