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We are a corporate nutritionist London and Hertfordshire. We offer bespoke wellness advice to companies enabling a happier and healthier workforce.

Corporate Nutritionist London and Hertfordshire

Increasingly employers and employees are becoming aware of the importance of nutrition on health.  It is now accepted that a sedentary job and lifestyle coupled with poor nutrition and lifestyle choices can increase the risk of chronic disease including obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Research has shown that preventable illness makes up 70% of healthcare costs and days absent from the office.  Therefore the implementation of a corporate wellness programme can significantly reduce these costs.  The majority of these costs are related to poor dietary and lifestyle choices.

One area of particular note within the office environment is work related stress which is believed to represent  70-80% of all doctors’ visits. The latest estimates from the 2012/2013 Labour Force Survey showed that out of 1,053,000 individuals, 50% suffered with sickness such as stress, depression or anxiety in the workplace.  This figure is not only going to have a large impact on the efficiency of the staff involved, but the overall productivity of the organisation that these staff are employed by.

Empower your team with the knowledge to make healthy lifestyle choices and provide them with the tools to incorporate these modifications almost effortlessly, and you will develop and retain a workforce that performs at their optimal capacity, misses fewer days due to illness, and feels energized – mentally as well as physically.

Research has demonstrated that for every Pound a company spends on a Corporate Wellness Program, they experience a £3 return on their investment. In addition, other results have shown an overall drop in healthcare costs by 10%, a 55% reduction in medical claims cost, and higher job satisfaction and employee morale scores.

Bespoke nutritional advice tailored to individual organisation’s needs, can lead staff to feel more energised and able to focus on the task in hand, be in a better mood, with higher self-esteem and be less stressed.

With many years’ experience of working at senior management level within large organsiations we understand the business challenges affecting employers and the associated sickness absence with its fiscal and human cost.

one to one Nutrition Consultations

We can provide on-site nutrition clinics for businesses keen to offer their employees access to personal nutrition consultations. For example:

1.We could provide detailed and personalised nutrition advice to a number of key senior staff members, as part of a wider  programme to improve the workplace performance of these people. 2.We could provide a periodic ‘nutrition surgery’, permitting staff to drop in to share particular health issues that are relevant to them.

Workplace workshops and seminars

We can run Nutrition workshops as part of employee wellness programmes.  The goal is to coach and engage staff to better appreciate matters of health and nutrition.

Topics could be:

Optimising mood and energy levels
Improving immune health
Healthy Weight loss
Healthy ageing
The dietary & lifestyle myths that are keeping you from being healthy


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My session with Oliver Barnett was very interesting and informative and he told me how to build on my existing healthy diet, broadening what I ate and how I prepared it, and prescribed a course of herbs and a detox.

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