Anoushka Davy

Anoushka is a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach with a special interest in digestive health, neurological health and children’s health. She is also a functional medicine AFMCP graduate and one of Dr Campbell Mcbride’s certified GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) practitioners. She is appreciated for her ability to establish the underlying causes of illness and uses functional testing to make her treatment plans targeted and effective.  Anoushka provides support and expert guidance to help her clients embrace deep transformation, even when making change feels difficult.

Anoushka considers all aspects of a client’s health history, to formulate effective and achievable programmes to help clients move forward on their journey to optimal health. Using targeted nutritional advice, lifestyle changes and transformational coaching she has helped many people navigate their way out of persistent health complaints such as chronic IBS, thyroid disorders, sleep issues, autoimmune conditions, anxiety and adrenal fatigue.

Anoushka is also a qualified yoga teacher and keen cook and loves to share her latest medicinal recipes with clients. She likes to see the process of getting well as a journey that client and practitioner embark on together and has received great feedback for her delicious recipes, relaxation/ breathing techniques and restorative exercise prescriptions, which help make the path towards great health both enjoyable and effective at addressing healing on every level.

Conditions that we can treat include...


My session with Oliver Barnett was very interesting and informative and he told me how to build on my existing healthy diet, broadening what I ate and how I prepared it, and prescribed a course of herbs and a detox.

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